Truck Diagnostic Tool T71 For Heavy Truck and Bus Code Reader


Truck diagnostic tool T71 on vehicles which compliance with J1939/J1587/1708 protocol.
2.It is used in heavy truck and bus
3.Easy to use with friendly menu interface

Get Truck Diagnostic Tool T71 for 4 Reasons:
1. Large, easy-to-read colorful 2.8’’ LCD display with adjustable contras
2. Full range of heavy trucks and bus support.
3. Unit upgradeable via flash programming
4. Easy to use with friendly menu interface

Truck Diagnostic Tool T71 Features and Functions:
1. Vehicle coverage: the vehicles in compliance with J1939/J1587/1708 protocol
2. Displays the vehicle’s sensors status information
3. Reads trouble code
4. Erases trouble codes and resets check engine lights.
5. Displays I/M readiness status.
6. Determines the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status.
7. Identifies and displays Pending Codes.
8. Retrieves VIN(Vehicle Identification No.)
9. Displays total # of codes retrieved;
10.Code definitions displayed on unit screen;
12 Assembled 6pin, 9pin, 16pin, and 30pins connector
13. Supports data stream or live engine data
14. Double sets of DLC support more vehicles
Package Including:
1set  x Truck Diagnostic Tool T71


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