Alldata Online Software -1 Year


Workshop technical data for vehicle servicing, diagnostic and repair procedures. Cars, Vans & Motorcycles. Over 600,000 Procedures. 92,000 Wiring Diagrams. Highlights: Offering Comprehensive Technical Information, Provides Easy Access To Technical Data.

The industry’s leading online automotive repair solution has been re-engineered to put even more power at your fingertips.

More Data – The most up-to-date and complete source of automotive repair info in the industry.

Better Search – One look-up provides both unedited OEM info and tech-verified repairs.

Faster Navigation – Fewer clicks and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Reduce Diagnostic Time

We added features to our color wiring diagrams that will help streamline your shop’s estimating and repair processes – features no one else offers. Now technicians can:

  • View a full series of diagrams side by side – ALLDATA exclusive
  • Highlight/hide wires and components – Easily track across all pages
  • Print multiple diagrams all at once – ALLDATA exclusive
  • Toggle between non-OE and OE diagrams for comparison – ALLDATA exclusive
  • Pan/zoom within a diagram – High-quality images stay crystal clear
  • Get up to speed quickly – Diagram keys are across the entire spectrum covering more than 49 makes and 24,000 models (1985-2016)

The Affordable Scan Tool Alternative

Part of what makes ALLDATA Diagnostics such a game-changer is that the VCI (Vehicle Connection Interface) device that attaches to the vehicle’s OBD port is included in the subscription, eliminating hefty up-front costs. And there’s no charge for software/data updates, either. Plus, you can use your own Android or Windows 10 tablet. Don’t have a tablet? Don’t worry, we’ll put together a custom bundle for you.


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